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  • Single production
  • Payment allocation date range

This report shows seat count and takings for tickets sold AND reserved within a given date range.

Information is broken down by performance and lists seat count for each individual ticket price (not type e.g. $5 ticket price spans many different types of concessions). The information shown only includes the transactions made for the selected production within the specified date range. In order to ensure you are viewing all transactions, you should select dates of, for example, 1 September 2008 to the present day.

This report shows seats that were marked as paid (or unpaid, in which case they are subtracted) within the date range, for the selected production.

The date used for the date range is the 'paid' date, the date that the seat was marked as paid, whether or not a payment was entered. This report does not use payment allocations.

The report is broken down by performance and by seat price, as distinct from book type as book types can have multiple prices and multiple book types can have the same price. This report will not necessarily match up with a book type report.

The report uses seat prices only, so it may not match up with reports about payments, e.g. if seats have been part-paid or there are unbalanced sales. Whole seats only are reported, not products, vouchers or fees.

Seats that were marked as paid within the date range but have since been deleted from the sale do appear in the report.

The report also shows the number of seats for each performance and the number of seats currently available (not reserved, paid, or held) for the performance.