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Productions > Production > Vouchers >Redeemed/Unredeemed


  • Single production
  • Display a detail or summary report

These reports relate to tracked vouchers. A tracked voucher is a voucher that has a barcode or serial number, which is tracked when it is sold, and each time it’s redeemed. Vouchers that still have unredeemed value appear in the Unredeemed Vouchers report and voucher redemptions appear in the Redeemed Vouchers report. There are various types of vouchers, which can be redeemed for tickets and also for products such as programmes.

These reports relate to vouchers for the selected production. Therefore, unredeemed vouchers are those that were sold for the selected production, and redeemed vouchers are those that were redeemed for the selected production. This means that:

  • Only vouchers for which the production was specified when it was issued will appear in the Vouchers > Unredeemed report. Vouchers that were sold with an expiry date will not appear.
  • All vouchers redeemed against the selected production will appear in the Vouchers > Redeemed report.