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  • Single production

This report shows payment types for a selected production. Information is broken down by screening and then payment type. The report lists a 'count' and the total value of each payment type.

This report uses payment allocations to report payments for seats against the payment type. Unpaid seats and seats marked as paid but with no corresponding payment (i.e. unbalanced sales) do not appear in this report. Products/fees also do not appear in this report, nor so seats paid with vouchers.

The report is broken down by payment group and then by payment type. (i.e. credit card payments are grouped together and subtotalled).

The count is a count of distinct (whole) seats for the given payment type, even if it’s a part-payment. The subtotals and grand total of these counts are simply the sum of these numbers, which means that if a seat is part-paid by two payment types, it will be counted twice in the subtotals and grand total.

For example, with three $30 tickets paid for by one cash payment of $45 and one Visa payment of $45 the report shows:

Seats paid for by cash: 2 ($45)

Seats paid for by Visa: 2 ($45)

Grand total: (2+2=) 4 ($90)