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  • Single production

This report shows payments made on each different shift for a selected production. Information is broken down by shift and lists the value of cash, card (individual types) and voucher payments made.

This report uses payment allocations and so does not include payment value not allocated to items (i.e. where payment has been entered but no seat marked as paid).

This report includes both seats and fees.

Payments made with vouchers (i.e. voucher redemptions) will be excluded from this report. Purchases of vouchers are also excluded from this report, even in cases where the voucher is assigned to a production at the time of purchase.

This report uses sale histories to calculate the totals. That is, totals are sums of seats marked as paid minus seats marked as unpaid. For this reason, refunds appear in the report with a negative value. If a separate ‘refund’ payment type is used, these are separated out into their own columns. However, if refunds are made using the same payment type (e.g. cash, Visa, etc.), the refunds are factored in to the total for that payment type.