Menu Path:

Productions > Summary > Profit and Loss

There are two tabs with options:

Report Period:

  • Filter By Dates is a checkbox that will let you further specify a specific date range to constrain the report to. Otherwise, the report will cover all dates (technically, between 01/01/1900 and 01/01/2079).

Included Productions:

  • Filter By Productions is a checkbox that will let you further specify specific partner types to filter by. If checked:
  • Available Productions lists the existing productions. Select productions and click Filter > to add them to the list of Included Productions. Select roles in the Included Productions list and click < Unfilter to remove them from the list.

A Save button allows you to persist these options as preferences for future executions of the report.

A Continue button will generate the report.

This report lists the selected productions, and includes the following details for each:

  • Fixed Fee for the production deal
  • Percentage Fee for the production deal
  • Total Fee Net for the production deal
  • Net Sales
  • Net Profit/Loss on the production deal