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Productions > Summary > Post Productions Analysis


  • Single production
  • Include season ticket sales (Yes/No)
  • Include unpaid seats in book type summaries (Yes/No)
  • Include non-ticket fee/vouchers in summaries (Yes/No)
  • Include seat and book type detail (Yes/No)

This report shows:

  • Distributor
  • Seat counts for sold and reserved as separate totals
  • Average ticket price
  • Average paid ticket price
  • Average percentage audience
  • Ticket sales broken down by payment type

New production level stats are:

  • The financial capacity: The highest seat price for the performance multiplied by the number of seats available in the performance, aggregated for a production level value.
  • The financial capacity as a percentage: The value of bookings taken divided by financial capacity
  • The averaged financial capacity: The value of bookings taken divided by financial capacity

This report can be run at any time, whether the production is finished or not.

The payment type summary section uses payment allocations to relate payment types to seats/fees and so includes only items marked as paid that have actually had a payment entered. Amounts created by unbalanced sales and unpaid items are excluded. This part of the report shows seat values only, and the percentage is the percentage that this payment type contributes to the total value at the end of the report. There is also a 'Card Commission' column that uses the commissions saved against each payment type (i.e. credit-card commissions) to calculate the commission per payment type. The right side shows all items such as seats and fees, but not vouchers.

Subtotals of the excluded values are shown:

  • Paid but unallocated. This is the total of seat-price values for seats that have been marked as paid but are not allocated to a payment. These cases should appear in the Unbalanced Sales report, where seats were marked as paid but no payment was entered.
  • Unpaid. This is the seats that are reserved on a sale but are not marked as paid. These may appear in the Unbalanced Sales report, e.g. cases where a payment was entered but the seats were not marked as paid, or they may simply be seats that were not paid for.

Payment totals are included for gross, net and sales tax.

The Fees Summary section of the report shows totals of all fees charged against the production, whether paid for or not. This section uses the sales tax rate saved in the system settings to calculate sales tax and net value for fees.

The report includes a Vouchers section that reports total voucher value for Merchandise vouchers (e.g. programme vouchers) only, whether paid for or not.

Another two sections follow: a book type summary and a seat type summary. These sections break down subtotals of seats reserved or paid.

The last section, Group Size Analysis, is included if you select to include seat and book type detail. Party/booking sizes are 1, 2, 3-5, 6-10 and 11+.

The report will also display the value of discounts on sales associated to the selected production when there is a "paid but not allocated" balance. This should be treated as an indicator only and cannot be used to explain the "paid but not allocated" figure.

Another report, Productions > Summary > Post Performance Analysis. omits data such as fees and vouchers that are levied against the production and cannot be broken down by performance.