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Productions > Summary > PostCode Analysis (UK) Sales Range


  • Initial date range (performance date)
  • Production type
  • Production category
  • Projects
  • Departments
  • Sales Date Range
  • Productions
  • Post code analysis type (Area/District/Sector)

This report breaks down ticket sales by post code Area, District or Sector.

The first six selections are geared toward narrowing the list of productions, e.g. those with performances that fall within a certain date range and those that have certain characteristics.

Report detail is grouped by production and includes:

  • The postcode
  • Patron Count, which is the number of unique patrons who purchased tickets in the postcode
  • Sales, which is the number of unique sales
  • Tickets, the number of tickets
  • Ticket Value, the value of the tickets purchased

Grand totals for all selected productions are displayed.