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This report shows web payments made between the selected dates. Information is broken down by production and then time of booking. This report lists:

  • Booking ID
  • Customer
  • Payment type
  • Sale total
  • Web reference

Standalone items (not production related) such as like donations, merchandise, programmes, are also detailed.

The report is used to reconcile fund transfers from a customer’s web gateway. Web sales which have been subsequently altered by staff can affect the ease of reconciliation so we have two modes operation for the report:

  1. Payments processed solely by the web operator. These should match with bank statement entries.
  2. Payments not processed solely by the web operator. This could include seats added by another operator or changes to the payment allocation.

When the report is run in both modes, the sale items on both reports should collectively match the payment value. If there are unbalanced sales these will be flagged for investigation.