Date > Sale Audit Trail


  • Sale date range
  • Operators

This report shows a complete audit trail of all changes made to sales over the date range for selected operators. The report includes a line for each instance of:

  • A seat being added/changed/deleted
  • A seat being marked paid or unpaid
  • A seat being printed
  • A product/fee/voucher being added/changed/deleted
  • A product/fee/voucher being marked as paid or unpaid
  • A payment being added

For all items, the date, sale ID and operator are listed, together with a brief description of what happened and the value of the item in question.

For seats, the production ID and performance date and the seat area/row seat are shown.

For products/fees/vouchers, the product ID and quantity are shown.

For payments, the payment type, ID and name are shown.