Date > Points > Future Expiry


  • Period group type (weeks or months)
  • Display summary or detailed report

This report shows patron points expiring in the future, using the current date and time as the starting point. The points due to expire are grouped according to the selected period type, which is weeks or months.

The weeks bucketing is derived from the day the report is run. The function counts the number of days between the run date and the expiry date (not including the run date). For example, for a report run on 31/03/2010 (a Wednesday), an expiry date of 26/04/10 will show in the 3 weeks bucket, representing Wednesdays on the 7th, 14th and 21st of April. 

Detail included is:

  • Number of periods
  • Patron ID
  • Patron name
  • Points accrued for that expiry date
  • Points due to expire
  • Percentage of points expiring (expiring/accrued)