Date > Points > Expiry Term Analysis


  • Number of months to look back
  • Display summary or detailed report

This report shows points that have expired in the previous number of months as selected. This represents a term analysis to see if the lifetime of the points affects expiry. For example, one would expect that points of a shorter duration would expired unused more frequently.

The term is derived by grouping the patron’s points that share the same expiry date and taking the first accrued date (either earned from a sale or manually created) from this group to calculate the term bucket in weeks.

The weeks bucketing is derived from the day the report is run. The function counts the number of days between the run date and the expiry date (not including the run date). For example, for a report run on 31/03/2010 (a Wednesday), an expiry date of 26/04/10 will show in the 3 weeks bucket, representing Wednesdays on the 7th, 14th and 21st of April. 

Detail on the report includes:

  • Term in weeks
  • Points expiry date
  • First accrued date
  • Patron ID
  • Patron name
  • Points accrued
  • Points expired
  • Percentage of points expired (expired/accrued)

A basic series graph is displayed when the report is run as a summary.