Date > APRA


  • Initial date range (effectively the performance date)
  • Isolate the web operator (Yes/No)
  • Only display performances within the date range (Yes/No)
  • Supply a credit card % for the web operator (Yes/No)

This report satisfies APRA reporting requirements and breaks down sales by their book type along with payments taken.

Sales are defined as those tickets marked as paid.

The performance date range is selected, which is ten used to return a list of productions that have a performance scheduled in that range. If you select displaying performances outside the date range, such performances are included if the production falls within the initial date range.

There are two variations of this report:

  • Date > APRA > Capacity Analysis. This includes venue capacity and % full.
  • Date > APRA > Bookings. This includes only booking information and the venue name.