The Box Office toolbar is always available at the top of the screen:

The buttons are:

New. Saves the data currently displayed, then clears the form ready for the next new record. If you have NewSaleFromBookingGraphic set to Yes (see Properties), when on the Performance Graphic window, New will create a new Sale without having to book any tickets.

Find Sale. Opens the search window to find a specific sale using the Sale ID.

Save. Saves the data currently displayed. The saved record remains open.

Delete. Deletes the record that is currently selected. You will be asked to confirm your selection. Some records cannot be deleted because they are in use, and can only be set to Inactive.

Undo. Clears the currently displayed data without saving it.

Find Patron. Opens the search window to find a patron using their name, phone number or post code.

What’s On. Displays a list of what’s on in all venues over a specified date range.

Web Tickets. Prints all web sales since the last printing, using the default ticket printer. This button can be hidden using the system settings property HideWebTickets found in Admin.

Close. Closes the active form.