Above the graphic, near the Status and Type buttons, is additional information about the performance. For example, the performance shown below has 0 wheelchair seats available, and 2 occupied seats:

If the system is set up with the Print-at-Home ticketing option for the web or if the tickets use barcodes, this information is updated as tickets with barcodes are scanned in. The counter increments and the seat that has been scanned will appear in grey on the seating graphic.

If seats are selected on the seating plan, the information panel where the Occupied seat statistic was will change to a Selected seat counter. You will find this useful when selecting a block of seats to book.

Right-click on a seat to get information about it:

The pop-up will list details about the seat, its number and type, whether or not it is booked and who booked the seat. Further details are available by clicking on an option.

When a seat that is part of a booking is clicked on, all of the seats that make up that booking will appear selected:

All of the seats that are part of the sale are highlighted as white with a black ring. Clicking on another sale will clear this highlight. Click the Refresh button to clear all highlights.

You can view information about the prices for seats in a particular area by right-clicking a seat and moving the mouse over the seat type. Another pop-up menu will appear, displaying each of the book types available for sale and the price for each in that seating area. If there are specific sales timings associated with a book type (for instance, relating to Early Bird discounted book types), then the dates of availability are also displayed.