Move Bookings makes it easy to transfer all bookings for a performance to a different performance or to relocate the performance to another venue. Imagine a multiplex cinema screening a film festival. One of the movies has been given a glowing review, the screenings have quickly sold out, and there are continuing enquiries for seats. Move Bookings lets you transfer the screening to a larger cinema room to make more tickets available. 

Click Move Bookings, then select from the options available to move the patrons to another performance of the same production, or to move the performance to a new venue. 

If you choose to move the bookings to a new venue, you will then be prompted to select the new venue from the venue list:

All the existing bookings will be automatically assigned the Best Available seats for the new performance/venue.

You will also be asked to specify the appropriate access level for the new performance.

Move Bookings works with General Admission and Reserved Seating bookings. New tickets need to be issued for Reserved Seating bookings that are moved, as the seat allocations will likely not be the same as on the originally issued tickets.