Creating a new receipt template for emailing or printing to a non-ticket printer

Open Layout Designer and Log in with your PatronBase Credentials.


Select the New button. Next, you can select the Size from the list of standard sizes or if the size you want listed, select Custom and then enter the dimensions in the Length and Width fields, in millimetres.




The appearance of a receipt is determined by:

 The receipt layout template, which determines how the different elements appear. Some layout elements are fixed; such as images or standard text. Other elements are dynamic, such as transaction date and product type, which are populated when the receipt is printed or emailed.

* There is a list of dynamic fields and descriptions available for receipt templates at the bottom

to add elements to a template, select the type of element from the menu (Box, Line, Text, Image or Barcode), then click and drag on the canvas:


Each of these options is described below.

You can then resize and move the element or adjust its properties in the properties panel:


It is a good idea to roughly size the element on the template, then fine tune the size and position using the properties panel.

Undo or redo any changes from the EDIT menu or use the shortcut keys, Ctrl-Z (Undo) and Ctrl-Y (Redo).

To delete an element, click on it, then click on the Delete button in the menu. You can also move elements forward and backward in the layers and rotate them.

Formatting Lines and Boxes

You can set the Thickness of lines or boxes in millimetres. To create a solid box, increase the Thickness until the box is filled.

Formatting Text

Text content and format is set in the properties panel:


For the Content box, you can:

  • Type the text that will be used.
  • Select a dynamic field from the Insert Field list.
  • Use a mix of text and dynamic fields.

The dynamic fields will be populated with text when the template is printed.

* There is a list of dynamic fields and descriptions available for receipt templates at the bottom.

For each text element, you can mix bold, italic and underline formatting, but you cannot mix the text alignment and font used. If you wish to use a different font, create separate text elements.

From the Font list, you can pick from predefined text styles and sizes.

If you want more control over the text format, select Custom from the Font list, then set the properties required:


Formatting Images

Adding an image to the template adds a box that you can then move and resize. You then need to import the image. To do this, click the Select button in the properties panel:


Use one of the images in the Select Image window or click Add New to add an image from a file on your computer.

If Keep aspect ratio is enabled, the image box will be resized to fit the aspect ratio of the imported image.

Formatting Barcodes

Adding a barcode element automatically adds an asterisk before and after the fields used for the barcode. Any text or dynamic fields entered as the barcode Content will be added between the asterisks. While any dynamic field can be used, the numcode field is provided specifically for barcode use. It is also standard use to put a text field below the barcode with the text body set to the dynamic field alphacode.

The Bar Width property controls the scale of the barcode.

Aligning Elements

You can align elements relative to one another or to the template.

When a single element is selected, the Align option in the properties panel works relative to the template:


When two or more elements are selected, they can be aligned relative to one another or to the template. Select the required option from the Relative to dropdown list.


When saving the template for Email select Save As from the File menu then change the printer type to Email.






Stored as yymm but displayed as mm/yy


The name on the credit card


In its full glory, with no digits obscured


Formatted nnnn…nnnn



From tblSettings Tax Number


From tblSettings


From tblSettings


From tblSettings Tax Number


Where ProprtyName = 'cc_merchant_id'


CompanyName from tblSettings


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Format:yyyy-mm-dd hh:mi:ss


The first product (alphabetically) on the sale, if any


The second product (alphabetically) on the sale, if any




The first production (alphabetically) on the sale, if any


The second production (alphabetically) on the sale, if any


Format: ddd (ie. Mon,Tue,Wed, etc.)


Format: d mmm yyyy


Format: h:nn am/pm


Format: dd/mm/yy


tblCardTransaction, SequenceNumber


tblCardTransaction, SequenceNumber


tblCardTransaction, SequenceNumber


Patron UID


Currently logged in Operator