1. To enable All Seat Types on Seat Plan please contact PatronBase to have this activated support@patronbase.com.



2. Then in the Skin Web Control Panel, there is a new option (default is unchecked so you will need to check it)


Web Module Settings>Seats


This will then not require a Seat Type selection at Seat selection time in the booking process, but just require choosing a Section:


Similar to below (before):


After with seats selected across Seat types:



On [Confirm Seats] you will then go to the Book Type step – there are TWO options here for you:


a) Vertical where the Seat Type is managed sequentially vertically:




or Matrix where the Seat Type is across the top and the Book Type is down the left side, in the same way the Price Matrix is setup for a Production in the Desktop



To invoke the Matrix, Web Settings>Cart tick this box. Unticked defaults to the Vertical alignment