Understanding the Seating Plan Graphic

This section describes how to use the seating plan graphic and the different parts of the main screen. The default display includes a venue seating plan, the Performance Graphic. If the performance graphic is not displayed, select Booking > Performance Graphic. The seats can be displayed according to their Status (Available/Booked/Sold/Held), their Type (as set up in Production Types), or their Hold Code (as set up in Hold Codes). Which of these options appears by default in the performance graphic is determined by a system property. To change this option, in Administration go to Setup > Organisation > Settings > Properties and select your preferred option for the BoxOfficeInitialView property.

When Status is selected from the dropdown list above the performance graphic, a statistics panel indicates the colour coding for each status, along with the...
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Alternatively, the graphic can show the seats according to their seat Type (e.g. Reserve/Premium/Standard). The seat types for the venue are configured in t...
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Hold Code
When Hold Code is selected from the dropdown list, the graphic will show the seats according to the hold codes assigned to each seat. The hold codes are con...
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Viewing Seat Information
Hover the mouse pointer over seats, and a tooltip will appear displaying the seat identity and type. If the system property AdornAreaSeats is set to show r...
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Selecting Seats
Seats can be selected and booked in any of these views. To select all seats of a status, right-click on the status indicator to select all seats of that ty...
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Understanding Available Seat Information
The Performance Graphic legend indicates how many seats are available for sale. However, as seats selected by another operator or by a person using the web ...
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Variations in Size and Appearance of the Performance Graphic
The graphic will auto-size to fit the whole venue on screen, and smaller venues will have larger seats in the graphic. Compare the next two screens, which s...
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Wheelchair Identifiers
Wheelchair seats are identified in the seating plan graphic with a # symbol on the seat.
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Viewing Other Seat Information
Above the graphic, near the Status and Type buttons, is additional information about the performance. For example, the performance shown below has 0 wheelch...
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Using the Productions List
The Productions list shows all productions and performances. It can be positioned on either side of the performance graphic. To change its position, click a...
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