How to install and setup Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 on Mac OS 

Before we get started with the installation process and access to the PatronBase server you will need your organisation's credentials. These are a set of secure parameters that you will need to successfully log in which consist of the following.

  • PC name
  • Username
  • Password

The PC name is simply the name of the PatronBase sever where your organisation’s database is held. Whereas the Username is a generic user name to log into the server as a user and is specific to your organisation. If you're unsure of these credentials please contact and an agent will send you your details.

Please note that the initial number of User Names is outlined in your agreement. The sharing of User Names isn't recommended as this can cause other computers within your organisation to log out if in use by another user. If you require additional connections please contact support as they are available upon request.

Other than the Password, which is self-explanatory, you should have enough to get started.

1.  Download Microsoft Remote Desktop

Download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 app, also know as RDP, from the Apple App Store.

2. Open RDP

RDP will open displaying your Saved Desktops, and since you're opening this for the first time we need to create one. Simply click the + sign on the menu bar and then select Desktop.

An Add Desktop menu will drop down, here you will find some fields to enter and a series of tabs with various parameters to choose from. 

In this article we will give you the recommended settings to get you started and we will be focusing on PC name, User account, and each of the General, Devices & Audio and Folders tabs.

3. Entering Your Organisations Credentials

Enter the Patron server address to the PC name that has been provided to you. Then click the User account dropdown menu and select Add User Account.

An Add User Account menu will appear prompting you to add the Username and Password that PatronBase has provided you. Note that the Friendly name field is optional.

Once you have filled in the fields, click the Add button to add the new User Account.

4 General Settings Tab

The Friendly name field in the General Tab is different than the User Account Friendly name field. This is optional and is of your choosing. PatronBase initially provides your organisation with a specific number of user logins as outlined in your agreement. Additional RDP User account logins are available upon request. The distribution of these user logins within your organisation are entirely at your discretion. We do recommend using this option and adding device specific logins as apposed to user specific logins, for example, Box Office PC 1, Marketing PC or Management PC so that organisation can monitor and maintain their usage.

5 Devices & Audio Settings Tab

Ticking Printers enables PatronBase server access to your local printers so that you can print reports etc.

6 Folders Tab

The Folders option, as it suggests, will give PatronBase server access to a folder of your choosing on your local computer, enabling you to transfer PDF, excel and CSV files to your local machine.

Tick Redirect folders checkbox and the + will become selectable, then simply choose your desired folder.

7 Final Steps

Click Add and you are now ready to login into your Hosted PatronBase Desktop

You should now see your new desktop, double click it, a connecting message will pop up.

If for any reason you're still having issues connecting to the server, please don't hesitate to contact us here at PatronBase Support.