If you have very recently made a change in the Remote Desktop, Web Hub or Web Control Panel but it is not appearing on your organisation's Booking Skin (<YourCountry>.patronbase.com/_<YourOrgID>/Productions) one of the possible reasons for this is that the cache requires a forced refresh.

How to force a cache refresh on your organisation's Booking Skin:

Log into Your Organisation's Web Control Panel, return to the Booking Skin (Public Facing/'Front End') and you will see a box on down the bottom left of the booking skin labelled Operator Tools:

Click the arrow to expand the box:

Click the Refresh button on the page of the booking skin that you need to refresh/where the changes or added event are not appearing. 

b) If your organisation's Booking Skin does not use the sidebar:

Add one of the following text commands to the end of the URL / web page link that requires refreshing: 

?cache or &cache

The ?cache text string is the most common unless there is already a question mark ("?") in the url. 

If there is a question mark somewhere in the URL, use &cache instead.

1. No question mark in the URL:




2. Already has a ? in the URL 




If you are still not able to see the changes after you have forced a cache refresh in either of these ways, you could also check: Web Control Panel > Productions > Restrict or Limit to and make sure production filters are set correctly - and make sure to save changes:

Please contact support if you have any further issues or questions. 

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