If you are Bravo Arts Solutions customer, our staff may have installed with your permission a remote assistance software called Zoho Assist. 

Zoho Assist can be installed for attended access (when you are available to be on a call with us and give us access to your PC) or unattended access (when you are not available and need us to remotely update your BravoBase software).  The later is helpful for late night installations when you are unavailable or for mission critical box office computers when fast support is needed.

When Zoho Assist is installed using the Unattended access version, it intentionally prevents it being removed using the usual methods on your computer (The Add/Remove Software screen on Windows; or dragging the application to the Trash on Mac OS). This prevents staff from accidentally removing the software and not having it available at a critical moment. 

Fortunately there are two ways to remove the software if you no longer wish our team to have such access going forward:

1) Send a support request to support@bravo-base.com asking for the software to be uninstalled. Include the name of your organization and the computer name (which can be found on Windows by clicking the Windows Start menu and typing About My Computer.) Our team can uninstall the software with a click of a button on our Zoho Assist administration panel.

2) Email the Zoho support team at support@zohoassist.com to request a script to uninstall the software yourself. Include the name of your operating system in the email (ex Windows 11, MacOS Catalina, etc.). If you do not know your operating system, you can find it by visiting this website which will detect it for you: 


As always, if you need any assistance, contact us anytime. 

BravoBase Support Team