For more information on how to set up classes or workshops click here 

For more information on the attending patron capture feature click here 

How to create email and ph contact lists of the parents' contact information per class 

In the Desktop Marketing Module you can click the Production filter and the include criterion arrow to include ALL

and make sure the privacy settings are correct for the situation (if you are not delivering a marketing email but instead an email with information, for example - the privacy box may remain unchecked.) Select Contact List. 

The Production Attendance Window will appear. Here we are finding the production by name and selecting the Sale Patron. 

Click OK then click Go

A list of Parents will be produced, with email and phone numbers. 

This list can be exported into a variety of formats:

You can also look in the Web Control Panel <<OrgID>/Admin> > Online Reporting > Performance Patrons > Select Production> Select Performance to produce the Performance Patrons report: 

There is a button at the bottom of the right hand corner to export as CSV. 

If your organisation is using Mailchimp you may be interested in the PatronBase Mailchimp Integration which can assist you with importing patron data to mailchimp and lessen excess manual list importing activity.

This article details reporting on information entered into the Required Information Box. 

How to provide reports to support contract tutors: 

In the Web Control Panel under Web Module Settings > Promoters > Promoter Permissions is a feature designed to support contract tutors using the promoters link. 

To set up a Tutor as a Promoter for a Production/Class:

Step 1: 

Go to the Desktop Administration Module > Setup > Organisation > Promoters and click the New button to add the tutor as a promoter:

Step 2: 

Select the production and under the Attributes tab save the tutor as the promoter. 

Step 3. 

In the Web Control Panel under Web Module Settings > Promoters > Promoter Permissions

Select Restrict patron details to be viewed only by... 

And then select the tutor-promoter:

Step 4.

Send the tutor (with their password) to the Promoters Login (activated under Web Module Settings > Promoters) 

They can select Tickets Booked/Sold 

Then click the title of the production:

Then click the title of the performance date:

This will reveal the name and the age of the attendees as well as phone numbers (as long as these details have been collected.) 

How to Produce Attendance Registers:

In the Desktop Box Office:

Reports > Production > Attendance Register

Select the Production and click OK

Select the Performance or Performances and click OK

An Attendance Register is produced:

This report is designed to show the attending Patron or the Sale Patron in the absence of an attending Patron, as an attendance check list for the Tutor. It can also be produced in the Desktop Reporting Module select Production/Event > Productions/Events > Attendance Register 

An Attendance Register can also be checked off in WebHub using Entry - if a term-based production has been made with one performance/session, this could be printed and checked off weekly. If multiple sessions have been created then this list could be checked off online as intended.