There are several different points from which to access PatronBase to complete specific tasks. Below is a brief summary of them all. 

1. The Remote Desktop (Database) or "RDP"

For New Zealand customers, the Remote Desktop (or Database) is accessed via 

For Australian customers, the Remote Desktop (or Database) is accessed via

For Singapore customers, the Remote Desktop (or Database) is accessed via

This Database, based in the cloud, is the centre for all of your organisation's PatronBase activity, to be used in tandem with the other features accessed through different points. 

Log in using the provided credentials and you should see something similar to this, depending on the modules you have licensed:

This is the Remote Applications Portal. 

Click on any module and (depending on your security permissions) you should see this:

Followed by this (example organisation):

Enter your provided Operator ID and Password and click Login

Followed by this (click Yes

Followed by entering into the specific module you have selected (that you have access to). 

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Common Tasks initiated in the Remote Desktop:
  • Making bookings and processing sales in Box Office 
  • Managing Patrons and their details
  • Initial Production and ticketing Setup
  • Season Setup (setting up groups of productions for subscription booking) 
  • Membership management and product creation
  • Donation management and product creation
  • Product management for simple products (items without variations/complex shipping options) not sold in the store
  • Running Marketing queries to produce contact lists and reports
  • Reporting
  • Venue Management
  • Fundraising Management 
  • QuickPos (if licensed - Quick Point of Sale)
  • Boca Printed Ticket layout design

2. The Booking Skin

Your organisation's booking skin can be found by entering in <<OrgID> into the URL field at the top of your browser. 

  • Your organisation's booking skin is the web point of sale for tickets, products, vouchers, donations, memberships and store products (depending on which features you have licensed and what your business entails.) It is where patrons go to register, book, purchase or donate online. 

  • It is usually designed to match and work in tandem with your organisation's website (if you have one), and some organisations may have multiple skins for different aspects of their organisation, for example, an education skin for the educational activities of their organisation and a main skin for the principal activities of their organisation. Each skin can point towards a different receiving account allowing for further financial separation of one activity from another. Each skin can also have different wording appropriate for the purpose it is being used for. 

  • As your website changes in the future you will need to keep the PatronBase Support Team updated with any "tweaks" that need to be made for your Booking Skin to maintain its seamless integration with your organisation's website. 

An example of the simplest form of a booking skin with a simple template that has not been designed to match a website, but instead incorporates a logo: 

This landing page is the 'What's On Page' - listing productions - but booking skins can be configured to land on pages other than the 'What's On' Page.

3. The Web Control Panel or "WCP" 

Your organisation's Web Control Panel or "WCP" can be accessed by entering <<OrgID>/Admin> into the URL field at the top of your browser. 

The WCP is the "back end" of your organisation's booking skin. It's the combination of settings made in the database (accessed via the RDP) and the WCP that results in the public-facing data that appears on the Booking Skin and forms the purchase process on the web. 

You will be required to enter your provided operator details to access the WCP:

An example of the Web Control Panel Homepage (menus will look different depending on what you have licensed)

Common Tasks handled in the WCP
  • Page Styling - how your Booking Skin looks on the front end 
  • Controlling what appears and doesn't appear on the Booking Skin
  • Management of Store Products
  • Configuration of the sales/cart/checkout process and desired behaviours
  • Management of wording on the booking skin and throughout emails and emailed attachments
  • Management of receipts, emailed print at home tickets 
  • Management of emails such as automatic pre and post performance emails and emails related to transactions
  • Uploading of images and blurbs for productions and products
  • Management of Plugins/Application Programming Interfaces (API's) such as Mailchimp and Google Analytics
  • Daily, weekly or monthly email reports and some more basic reporting such as for door or guest lists 

4. WebHub 

WebHub is accessed via entering in <<OrgID>/WebHub> into the URL field up the top of your browser.

WebHub is a web-based collaboration tool working directly with your PatronBase database. WebHub provides a kiosk-style home screen specially designed for both touch-screen point-of-sale terminals or desktop workstations that use a mouse.As it runs in a browser, it is not restricted to Windows computers, so Apple computers may be used, and Android, Apple or Windows tablets can be used for increased portability and use away from the office. You could even use it on your phone, if you really needed to!

You will be required to enter in your Operator credentials in order to access WebHub for your organisation:

The tiles which you see here will depend on which features are licensed for your organisation:

Common Tasks handled in WebHub
  • Accessing the Venue Designer to complete the design of Venues and Seating Plans
  • Accessing basic visual reports using Monitor
  • Quickly accessing and editing Patron Details in a more basic fashion
  • Checking Patrons in using Entry as an online door list or attendance register 
  • Sending Patron Groups to Mailchimp or PatronPost (BETA)

5. Promoters Login 

Promoters can login via the web and look at current real-time numbers for Productions that they are the Promoter for. It will list all their Productions currently playing or that have finished within 30 Days. See how to set up Promoters' access here: Promoters Access via the Web

6. Support Portal

The PatronBase support portal is found at Send an email to and your email will be lodged as a ticket within the support desk, visible to all the team. This is the best and most efficient way to get your issues dealt with. It allows the team to track issues from support through to development where required. 

You will require an activated login to the support portal. Email and ask the team for this to get started with setting up your support portal profile. 

Once in, you will be able to access support articles

Create tickets (and see possible answers presented through related articles on the right: 

Track your tickets:

Read and reply to tickets

Once the issue has been resolved:

It will no longer appear in your tickets list:

7. Entry Manager Apps

Entry Manager is a licensed feature, so please talk to the support team if you are interested. 

The Entry Manager App (available on iOS and Android) is used to query and scan tickets and vouchers, checking patrons into the venue. The app is very similar across iOS and Android, click here to see videos of the app in action.