There are a few ways to see scanned entry. 

1. Desktop Box Office 

The quickest way is in the Desktop Box Office Module Performance Graphic.

In this example, the darker colour indicates attendees who have scanned in:

When a seat is scanned for entry it will change colour and when it is scanned for exit it will change colour again to a lighter colour.

At the top right on the same screen there is an occupancy count.

2. Web Control Panel 

<YourCountry><OrgID>/Admin> > Entry Manager > Reporting > Select Production > Select Performance > Summary Report > Run Report (bottom right hand corner) 

Click the dropdown menu and Run Report to see the Verbose report which lists patrons and their sale IDs in addition to the Status:

The Verbose report can also be saved as a CSV. 

3. WebHub

Entry Tile > Attendance > Select Production > Select Performance from the dropdown menus:

Patrons who have scanned in will be marked with a green check as 'Arrived'. Those who have not yet arrived will have a cross marked next to their name. 

Occupancy Monitor Title

This report is intended for 'on the day' use, if you do not have access to Box Office or Reporting. The 'Out'/Exit scan is useful for Health & Safety/accurate numbers. For more information on the Occupancy Tile click here.

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