• An example of a simple booking skin:

Facts about Skins: 

  • Your organisation's skin links will always start with <YourCountry.patronbase.com>
  • Skins are individual 
  • They have their own storage
  • They can have their own wording set ups by design, e.g. wording for a Donations dedicated skin will be different to that of a main skin for selling tickets to productions. 

Why use multiple kins? 

  • Additional skins are primarily used when an organisation needs to be sending money into a different account. For example, an Education skin for the Education division linked to the Education account, a Donation skin for Donations linked to the receiving account for Donations, or a Store skin for your organisation's online store linked to the account for receiving funds from store sales. You can think of each skin as a different money "jar". 

  • Your organisation may not require additional skins if you don't need the money from such divisions of your organisation to be going into a different account to the one you are presently using with PatronBase. It depends on your organisation's specific situation/needs. 

How do we log in?

  • Your PatronBase Operator login should work on each of the different skins for your organisation.  

Who looks after the PatronBase Skins? 

The PatronBase team support all of your PatronBase skins including the design of them, however your organisation will carry some responsibility for content management - for example, loading events, settings and updates. 

The PatronBase skin development team design the skin to match your site navigation so when items are clicked on in the skin menu, where appropriate, they will link visitors back to your organisation's website pages. 

It is the job of your website designer to link the skins up with your organisation's website so that they integrate with site navigation, for example, purchase buttons etc.

What happens when we change or make small changes to our organisation's website? 

You will need to communicate with the PatronBase support team when you are making any changes to your website as skins will need to be designed/adjusted to match. Any such changes will be submitted to the skin development team by the support team as a job linked back to the original support ticket requesting the changes - so we can track the job, communicate any questions to developers and let you know when the changes have been made. 

Things to watch out for: 

Making events/products live

If events are made live on multiple skins the risk is that money will be collected into the wrong account for the organisation. If you have an Education event you may not want proceeds from that to be collected by the main account, connected to the main skin and vice versa.That Education event should be made live on the Education skin alone and then perhaps can be linked to off of your organisation's main website rather than the main skin. 

In order to control which events are live on a skin you will need to go to the Web Control Panel of each skin: <YourCountry.patronbase.com/_<OrgSkinID>/Admin> > Web Module Settings > Productions > Productions > Productions shown on home page > Filter according to the following settings > Restrict / Limit To > Restrict to the following 

If a production is deselected then it will not show on the skin it is deselected on. 


Email reporting is set up from each skin individually. Thus, Education Coordinators can be set up to receive reports from the Education skin, Fundraising Managers from the Donations Skin etc.

This is set up in the Web Control Panel of each skin: <YourCountry.patronbase.com/_<OrgSkinID>/Admin> > Web Module Settings > Reporting 

So you have a variety of entry boxes. For ones with the OK -  type the email and click OK to add. The - button will always remove someone. Don't forget to click Save settings once all emails have been entered.

Read more on the Reporting tab here

Under Web Module Settings > Promoters > Promoter Notifications in the Web Control Panel of each skin you can find similar email reports for promoters which can be configured for each skin. 

This report will report only on productions associated with a promoter in the Remote Desktop e.g.