If a Book Type is not appearing on the Booking Skin, here is a list of things to check:

1. Start with the Book Type itself. Go to the Desktop Administration Module 

Setup > Sales > Book Types 

Check: if the Book Type is set as a Season Book Type and it is not, then it won't display on individual events. 


Note: Be careful! If this Book Type IS being used as a Season Book Type on other events then you will need to create another non-season Book Type and replace it in the pricing plan for the event for which you do not want a Season Book Type 

If it is safe to change the Season Book Type to No, change it, save it and then Refresh the cache  to see if your Book Type appears.

2. The Book Type must be Active in order to appear on the skin. If it is inactive, be considerate of the above note in that it may have been set to 'inactive' for another production that it is also being used on. Likewise if there a reason for it being inactive you will need to create a new active Book Type and apply it to your production's Pricing Plan. 

3. Make sure any Book Type Timing would not be a reason for the Book Type to not appear:

4. Make sure the Book Type is in the Pricing Plan for your production and Access All or Web on the Seat Type

5. Make sure any Price Timing Overrides are not set for the Book Type under the Timing tab.


5. Check that the Pricing Plan is correct for each Performance 

6. In the Web Control Panel <YourCountry>.patronbase.com./_<OrgID>/Admin > Web Module Settings > Seats

Scroll down to the bottom 

and under Book Type Ordering > Custom Sort Order  make sure the Book Type has not been Disabled:

If it has, the same goes as for above - this is a global change to this Book Type right across events on this skin - be careful - you may need to create a new Book Type. If it is safe, deselect the Disabled checkbox, change it, save it and then Refresh the cache  to see if your Book Type appears.

If your Book Type still does not appear, contact the Support Team.