Recurring Donations are only available to Customers using the Windcave Payment Gateway. 

In order for recurring donations to work your organisation must first to be registered with Windcave's PXPost and have the feature licensed. Contact for more information. 

To set it up (once the above prerequisites have been completed):

1. Go to WebHub > Administration 

> Sales 

> Recurring Sales Schemes 

2. Click the New Schemes button 

3. Status should be Active

4. Give the donation a Description

5. The Recurrence can be by month, year, day or week:


It is possible to have multiple Month, Year, Day and Week options

6. So in this example, we are setting up a monthly option:

7. You can calculate by Day of Month, Date in Year and Date Offset 

If Offset is selected the donation will be made immediately as soon as the patron purchases, and the next one will go in on the same day of the following month. 

8. Here we have set payments to go out on the 1st of every month. 

9. Click Save & Return. At this point you will have created the scheme. 

The scheme will start on the month of when the patron buys it. So if they buy it on the 3rd of January, in the scenario above it will start on the 1st of February. 

10. Next step is to do the technical side of setting up the scheme. Under Recurring Sales find the scheme you have just set up and click Edit:

11. Click Add Restriction:

Note: If there are NO restrictions added the scheme will be applied to ALL Donations Products that are restrictions on other schemes. It is therefore strongly advised that you apply restrictions to every scheme. 

12. Select Products:


13. Click Search next to the Matching Items field 

14. Select Donation as the Item Type


15. Click the cursor into the Search Terms field then click the Search button 

16. This will bring up all your Organisation's Donations Products  

17. Click the Plus beside a Donation Product to add it

18. Click Exclude and change it to Include


Click Save & Return 

You will see the setup:

Front end:

Windcave reports recurring donations as a new sale every time. 

A donation receipt will be produced every time the payment is made: 

To set up a recurring donation with Radio Button Options re. frequency, like this: 


The one-off donation is automatic in the system and is not recurring. 

If recurring sales are licensed, no matter whether they have been set up or not... 

ALL donation products will have an option for one-off donation:

If you wish to turn this one-off donation option off (it will only happen on the *recurring* donation - as seen below and not as you see in the above examples), 

this needs to be turned off by one of the support team - please contact

Today is Monday the 22nd. Using Date Offset:

The Weekly on Monday option above has been set up as this scheme:

The Monthly on the 22nd option has been set up as this scheme: 

The Every 2 Weeks on Monday has been set up as this scheme:

In this next example, it is Tuesday the 23rd when we set up the following using Day of Month:

Weekly on Wednesday is set up like so:

(So today being Tuesday is Day 0 and Tomorrow being Wednesday is Day 1.)

Monthly on the 1st is set up like so: 

The 1st being the 1st of the month. 

Every 2 weeks on Wednesday is set up like so (So today being Tuesday is Day 0 and Tomorrow being Wednesday is Day 1.):

In the following example (also produced on Tuesday the 23rd) using Date in Year

Weekly on Monday is set up like so:

As the 20th of January 2025 (the next January) is a Monday. 

Monthly on the 20th is set up like so: 

Every 2 weeks on Monday is set up like so: 


If you don't add any restrictions, the recurring sale scheme will be added to every donation product:

The idea is that you can use the restriction to control which Donation Products have weekly vs. fortnightly vs. monthly donation options etc. 

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