Note: Many organisations choose to have a second Education skin for their organisation, in order to customise the online setup, workflows, and data collected for classes or workshops. 
Please contact support if you are interested.

The below article covers a simple setup for the simple scenario described:

Scenario: You are setting up an 8 week Children's Drama Class that happens once a week on a Monday after school between 4-5, for 10-12 year olds. The term dates are 14 October 2024 to 9 December 2024, with one public holiday on 28 October. You can take 16 children in each class. 1 place will cost $160.00. 

Step 1.

Set up the Event/Production with the start date and the end date being the start/end of the term/course length

Step 2. 

Set up the pricing plan with the fee for the term. 

Step 3. 

Set up a single performance with the capacity of the class. Set the performance date to be that of the last date of the Production so that students can enrol after it has 'started'. 

Step 4. 

Go to your organisation's Web Control Panel: <YourCountry><OrgID>/Admin

Page Styling > Production Details 

Click Edit beside the production in question:

Scroll down to Term Bookings:

If the Term Bookings box is checked, then on the web booking page it will put a -> between the start and end dates of the Production like so:

Step 5. 

Add the session times for the event in the production notes: 

Web Control Panel > Page Styling > Production Details > Front Page Summary > Performances Page Description

Step 6. 

You may now wish to add the session time details or any other details you would like on the receipt email to the email text. In the Web Control Panel under Page Styling > Production Details > Email Text Enter in the details and click Save 

What you will get is something like this:

Step 7. 

If your organisation is using a separate skin, talk to the support team re. changing some of the wording for that skin to be more specific to classes rather than events or performances. For example, 'ticket' might be changed to 'place' - find the language that best suits the environment. 

Unfortunately, if you are not using a second skin for classes, you will have to be more conservative with any wording changes as they are Global. You do not want to have patrons booking 'places' for a show... for example. 

Step 8. 

We strongly recommend that the Attending Patron feature is turned on for the skin on which classes or workshops are active, especially to capture situations where Mum (Sale Patron with the credit card) is booking places for little Johnny and Mary (attending.) Click here to learn more about the Attending Patron feature.

Step 9. 

You may want to use the required information box to collect further information such as school attended. You can read more about that here: How to collect required information - for example, dietary requirements - at checkout 

For information on reporting on class or workshop attendees click here: How to report on class or workshop attendees